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Seth Kirschbaum Secures Defense Verdict in Suffolk County

In February 2006, Seth Kirschbaum obtained a favorable verdict on behalf of his defendant gastroenterologist after a two week trial in Supreme Court Suffolk County before Judge Thomas Whelan. The plaintiff, a woman in her early 70ies, alleged that the defendant negligently performed a colonoscopy resulting in a perforation of her colon, a laparotomy to repair the damage, and the requirement of wearing a colostomy bag for the rest of her life. The jury returned a verdict on behalf of the defendant, finding that the procedure was performed correctly and that the perforation occurred as a known complication of the procedure.

Douglas J. Swart Secures Defense Verdict in Nassau County

In February 2006, Douglas J. Swart obtained a defense verdict for his client, a specialist in Internal Medicine, in a case brought by a 60 year old man alleging that the defendants failed to timely diagnose a pituitary tumor, resulting in bilateral blindness. The case was tried in Supreme Court Nassau County before Judge Thomas Phelan. After a three week trial, and with the plaintiff seeking 5 million dollars in damages, the jury found that the defendant was not negligent in her care and treatment of the plaintiff.

Alan J. Fumuso Secures Defense Verdict in Nassau County

In January 2006, Alan J. Fumuso obtained a defendant’s verdict on behalf of his client, an anesthesiologist, following a two week trial in Supreme Court Nassau County before Judge Geoffrey O’Connell. The plaintiff, a 70 year old woman, alleged that the defendant permanently damaged her vocal cords during 5 unsuccessful attempts at intubation for a surgical procedure. The jury found unanimously for the defendant, finding that he conformed to accepted practices and also that the plaintiff’s vocal cords were probably damaged in a subsequent surgical procedure.