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Experienced Medical Malpractice Defense Attorneys

Fumuso Christesen LLP provides its clients with decided advantages in every medical malpractice case, thanks to our law firm’s decades of experience, vast resources, mastery of medical concepts, and veteran trial staff.

We are well-known throughout the Greater New York Metropolitan area for representation offered to physicians, podiatrists, oral surgeons, dentists, physicians’ assistants and healthcare providers in every medical specialty.

I Medical malpractice defense

Whether the matter involves a neurologically impaired infant, fractures, oral surgery complications, unusual medical or surgical situations, or any other health-related issue, our veteran staff is always prepared to achieve a successful outcome. Additionally, we have a databank of materials, including current medical literature, that we can easily access for both standard of care and proximate causation issues.

Medical Expertise and Trial Excellence

At Fumuso Christesen LLP, our attorneys bring to the evaluation of our cases, and the defense of our clients, a level of medical expertise and insight rarely found in medical malpractice defense firms. In addition to decades of trial experience, our attorney staff also includes personal medical training and experience, including backgrounds in the fields of Nursing, Pharmacy, Radiology and Hospital Administration.

Our resources include a comprehensive databank of past testimony from plaintiffs’ medical experts. These materials prove invaluable on cross-examination to establish both prior inconsistent statements and credibility issues. Conversely, we produce medical experts at trial who are articulate, knowledgeable, have outstanding academic credentials, and are widely considered as leaders in their field.

Finally, the Fumuso Christesen LLP advantage is most pronounced at trial, where few firms can equal our skilled staff of veteran trial attorneys, three of whom have achieved Super Lawyer designation, or our track record of success.