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Protecting The Rights Of Physicians And Podiatrists Since 1970

As a physician or podiatrist, when you are represented in a medical malpractice action by Fumuso Christesen LLP, you have the benefit of decades of experience and successful results.

We have represented every medical speciality, in every conceivable medical situation. Whether your case involves obstetrics, gynecology, cardiology, neurology, otolaryngology, radiology, oncology, anesthesiology, pediatrics, any and all forms and subspecialties of surgery, any and all forms and subspecialties of internal medicine, general practice, and any and all podiatric procedures and complications, the members of our firm have handled those cases, and have obtained successful results and/or defendant’s verdicts in those litigations.

With all of our senior partners having been associated with the firm between 25 and 40 years, and with numerous partners of our firm having achieved a Super Lawyer designation as voted upon by their peers, we have the advantage of expertise and experience every time we are involved in the litigation arena.

Thorough Preparation and a Commitment to Our Clients

We know that there is no substitute for thorough preparation. Therefore, all of our cases are extensively researched, all medical and hospital records obtained and reviewed, thorough background and social media research is done on each plaintiff, and all investigative materials are obtained.

Each medical issue is exhaustively researched. Additionally, and most importantly, each defendant is thoroughly prepared for every stage of the litigation, including deposition and trial.

When required, we negotiate persuasively. However, when a case is marked “defend” we litigate forcefully and effectively on behalf of every physician and podiatrist whom we represent.

All the above represents theĀ Fumuso Christesen LLP commitment to excellence, and has resulted in Fumuso Christesen LLP attorneys’ record of achievement, and successful results, that is unmatched by any medical malpractice defense firm in the New York Metropolitan area.