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Creating A Will That Meets Your Wishes And Concerns

A will helps you to meet the needs of your loved ones when you are no longer there to look after them. Therefore, preparing such a document with the greatest care possible is essential.

The attorneys at Fumuso Christesen LLP have been helping individuals and families put their affairs in order since 1970. We understand the needs of those we represent. It is our practice to get to know you and prepare a will that fully expresses your desires concerning the distribution of your estate.

Why The Will Is So Important

When prepared properly, a will clearly instructs loved ones and family members concerning your wishes. But mistakes made in the creation of a will are costly. It can result in will contests, lost assets or assets distributed incorrectly, and sometimes lengthy litigation.

In New York, finding extended family situations is becoming more common. Since individuals occasionally marry more than once during their lifetime, children are products of blended families. Ensuring that stipulations exist to cover potential eventualities is vital.

Our lawyers will therefore pay particular attention to the specifics of your circumstances. Consequently, we will create a will designed to honor your wishes and meet the needs of your loved ones. We will create the will with the intent of minimizing possible confusion. The will we draft will reduce the likelihood that a will contest will arise. Our firm can also create a trust to accompany the will.

Contact Our Office Today

Fumuso Christesen LLP will provide the legal services you require. Please do not put off preparing a will until it is too late. Contact our Hauppauge law firm as soon as you can by calling 631-232-0200. You can also reach us by email.