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Anthony Marino Secures Defense Verdict in Suffolk County

On May 9, 2022, Anthony Marino obtained a defense verdict after a one week trial before Justice George Nolan in Supreme Court, Suffolk County. The 34 year old plaintiff alleged that the defendant doctor needlessly performed a surgical procedure to remove a bony prominence from her toe and that in doing so he removed healthy bone from her joint causing nerve and tendon damage. She also claimed that the doctor did not provide the proper information regarding the risks of the surgery so that she could give proper informed consent. As a result, the plaintiff claimed she could not walk properly, had issues with her gait, experienced persistent pain and that her left foot was “clawed” and deformed. She also claimed that the condition was permanent and suggested the jury award $460,000.00 in damages. After testimony from the parties, expert witnesses and the plaintiff’s mother, the jury returned a verdict in favor of the doctor on all claims in less than an hour.