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Alan J. Fumuso Secures Defense Verdict in Nassau County

On March 22, 2022, Alan J. Fumuso, in one of the first trials since the reopening of the Courts after the COVID pandemic, obtained a defendants verdict after a two week trial in Supreme Court Nassau County before Judge Leonard Steinman. The 28 year old male Plaintiff alleged that the defendant Oral Surgeon was negligent in the removal of  plaintiff’s 3rd molar teeth, and did so without obtaining an appropriate Informed Consent, resulting in damage to the plaintiff’s inferior alveolar nerve. The plaintiff during the trial established that he had permanent altered sensation to his lip and chin. Plaintiff’s allegations included alleged failure to perform a pre-extraction CBCT scan, failure to perform a coronectomy as an alternate procedure, improper post extraction treatment, and failure to make timely referral to a microsurgeon for reparative surgery. Expert witnesses were called on both sides, and all parties took the stand. After deliberating for 3 hours, the jury returned a unanimous verdict on behalf of the defendants.