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Lorraine B. Polin Secures Defense Verdict In Suffolk County

On June 20, 2017, Lorraine B. Polin obtained a unanimous defense verdict after an eight week trial in Supreme Court, Suffolk County before Judge Joseph Santorelli. The case involved allegations that our clients, two Emergency Department physicians and the defendant Hospital, were negligent in the alleged failure to properly treat an MRSA urine infection which plaintiff claimed was the cause of an undiagnosed infection of the hip presenting as leg/groin pain. The plaintiff was thereafter treated for continued complaints of pain by numerous other health care providers in the ensuing weeks, including numerous co-defendants, until he was ultimately admitted to another hospital with DIC and a septic hip eight weeks after the treatment at the defendant hospital. He underwent multiple surgical interventions and long term antibiotic treatment ultimately requiring hip fusion. Plaintiff died of unrelated causes just after the case went into suit and the case was continued by his wife as administrator. The jury verdict was unanimous on all counts of negligence against the defendants.