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Alan J. Fumuso Defense Verdict Featured in “Verdict of the Week”

The defense verdict recently obtained by Alan J. Fumuso in the medical malpractice case of Hobbs v. Ochs in Supreme Court, Queens County, was featured as the “Verdict of the Week” in the July 16th issue of Verdict Search New York. The Hobbs case was a wrongful death action brought on behalf of a 41 year old woman who alleged that she bled to death following multiple tooth extractions.

This was the third time within the last year that a defense verdict by Mr. Fumuso has been specifically highlighted in a legal journal. The New York Law Journal in it’s issue of April 17th 2007 gave a case description at length of the case of Clark v. Schattner, a medical malpractice case tried in Supreme Court Nassau County alleging failure to timely diagnose prostate cancer in a 61 year old plaintiff’s medical malpractice attorney. Also, the New York Law Journal featured Mr. Fumuso’s defense verdict in the case of Fleiger v. Pottanat in it’s May 9th 2006 edition. The Fleiger case involved an allegation of failure to diagnose colon cancer in a 43 year old woman, and was tried in Supreme Court Suffolk County.